Setting up an email client

How to configure my email address in my email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail)

Updated on 04/11/2022


Before you can configure your email software, you must have created an email address. Create an email address

Configuration assistant

This configuration assistant lets you check that the email address and password you are using are correct, and tells you the settings to use in your email software.

What is the email address you wish to set up?

Manual setup

Incoming server (IMAP)
  • Server type: IMAP
  • IMAP server/host name:
  • IMAP user name:
  • Password: the one you chose when creating your email address.
  • IMAP port: 993
  • Use SSL: yes
Outgoing server (SMTP)
  • Outgoing SMTP server:
  • The outgoing server requires authentication: yes
  • SMTP username:
  • SMTP password: the one you choose when creating your email address.
  • SMTP port: 465 (587 if your provider blocks the default port)
  • Use SSL: yes