SSL certificate

Why do I need an SSL certificate and how do I get one?

Updated on 19/06/2023

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL certificate is required to ensure secure communication between a web browser and the server hosting your website. It allows the browser to ensure that it is connecting to the desired website.

Different types of SSL certificates

There are several types of SSL certificates, the use of which will depend on the type of website:

  • Standard SSL certificates: this is the most common type of certificate on the internet and is suitable for any type of website.
  • Extended Validation SSL certificates: it is an SSL Certificate that has required an administrative procedure to ensure that the organisation using the SSL Certificate on its website is who it claims to be.
  • "Wildcard" SSL certificates: this type of certificate can cover all sub-domains of a domain name, for example,,, etc.

Free Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate

Let's Encrypt is a certification authority that has been offering standard and wildcard SSL certificates for free since 2015. Your website can therefore use SSL certificates issued by Let's Encrypt for free to offer a secure connection to your visitors.

Install a free SSL certificate

To obtain a free SSL certificate, log into your management interface and follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the "SSL/TLS Certificates" button
  2. Click on the "Install a free basic certificate provided by Let's Encrypt" option
  3. Select the "Include a www subdomain" option to protect your domain as well as
  4. Click on "Get Free certificate".

The procedure then takes a few seconds, once the certificate has been issued, it is automatically installed and your website is accessible in HTTPS.

Let's Encrypt's free SSL certificates are valid for three months. The system will renew and install the new certificate for you before it expires.