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Swiss web + mail hosting

Compare our web + mail hosting packages and choose the one that fits your project needs.

Web hosting + mail all included!

Web hosting + mail all included!

All our offers plans include web hosting and custom email addresses. So you can have your professional email address at no extra cost!

You can access your email address from any device using the webmail or via your favorite email software: Outlook, Mail, Spark, and many others!

Website secured by default

Website secured by default

Your web hosting comes with a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt; this ensures your website is secure and your visitors' data are protected while traveling from their browsers to the servers.

An application firewall checks HTTP requests against the most common attacks and protects your applications.

Our servers are protected against DDoS attacks, making them inaccessible by saturating them with bad traffic; your website will stay available even if an attack occurs.



Our hosting packages are all served from servers running with SSDs. SSDs have much faster access times than traditional hard drives.

Bandwidth is unlimited, and our servers support HTTP/2 for faster response times.



We strive to provide you with the best possible support in using our services. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions!

To help you get the most out of our services, we offer various support articles to guide you; we constantly update our knowledge base.

Knowledge base

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Annual payment
1.75 CHF /month
5.25 CHF /month
8.50 CHF /month
Semi-annual payment
2.00 CHF /month
6.00 CHF /month
10.00 CHF /month
Web hosting
Free domain name
Disk space
1 Go
5 Go
10 Go
Unlimited traffic
Daily backup
Off-site backup
Backup retention
2 calendar days
10 calendar days
20 calendar days
Free SSL certificate
FTP users
Alias domains
Email addresses
Emails import
PHP (choose your version)
7.4 - 8.0
7.4 - 8.0
7.4 - 8.0
PHP memory (memory_limit)
64 Mo
128 Mo
256 Mo
WordPress compatible
WordPress installed in 1 click
WordPress Toolkit
DDoS protection
Existing website import
Deploy via git
Administration tools
Plesk interface
Online file manager
Knowledge base
Configurable options
PHP memory (memory_limit)

256 Mo +10 CHF /year

512 Mo +20 CHF /year
756 Mo +30 CHF /year

Additional disk space
per 5 Go +10 CHF /year
per 5 Go +10 CHF /year
Additional email addresses
per additional 5 addresses +10 CHF /year
per additional 5 addresses +10 CHF /year

FAQ web hosting

Learn more about our offers
Where are your servers located?

Our servers are located exclusively in data centers in Switzerland, in Geneva, and Zurich.

Will I get a domain name for free?

Some of our hosting packages include a free domain name. Check the comparison table above to learn more.

How can I register a free domain name?

If you choose a hosting package that includes a free domain name, fill in the domain name you want to register while ordering your hosting. You will see its price deducted on the order summary.

Which domain extensions are available for free?

If your hosting package includes a domain name, you can choose one of the following extensions for free:

  • .ch
  • .com
  • .net
  • .org
  • .fr
  • .me
  • .pro
  • .io
  • .eu
Is the domain name free for a lifetime?

We will renew your domain name for free as long as you renew the associated hosting package!

How are my data backed up?

We make a backup of all the data on your hosting account (files, email, and databases) every 24 hours.

This archive is transferred to a data center geographically distant from the one hosting your site to guarantee the security of the data in the event of a significant incident.

Depending on the hosting package you select, the backups are kept between 2 and 20 days.

You can request the restoration of your hosting data by opening a ticket with us.

Can I switch from one hosting package to another?

Yes, you can request a hosting package change at any time. In case of a downgrade, resources (storage, email addresses, etc.) that exceed the limit of your new package will be automatically deleted; please make a backup before downgrading your hosting package!

What happens if I exceed the disk space limit?

If you exceed your disk space quota, you will be alerted by email. If you do not reply, the additional disk space option will be automatically activated so that your website continues to operate without interruption.

Can I host more than one website on the same hosting?

Each hosting package can host a single website. However, you can create sub-domains to create a blog, an online shop, etc.

What payment methods are available?

You can pay your bills by credit card, PostFinance, PayPal or QR Bill. Click here to find out more about invoices payment.

What is the minimum commitment period?

Unless otherwise stated, hosting contracts are concluded for one year. After this period, the hosting contract is renewed for the same period on expiry.

Can I install WordPress with the Start package?

WordPress can be installed on the Start package, however it is not guaranteed to work as this package is not optimised for this purpose. We recommend that you upgrade to the Advanced or Premium package to ensure that your WordPress site is running smoothly.

How to install WordPress in 1 click?

Some of our hosting packages offer 1-click WordPress installation. Simply enter your website name, choose a secure password and your WordPress website will be installed in a matter of seconds!

For more information, see this support article for details on installing WordPress.

Website builder

Powerful yet easy to use, the site builder allows you to let your creativity flow to create a unique site without technical knowledge!

Create by drag and drop

Place predefined blocks wherever you want and shape your site as you want.


Define your style by selecting a custom font. Use the image editor to adapt your images without leaving your browser.


Surprise your visitors by applying animations and parallax effects to your contents and illustrations.


Want to go further in personalizing your website? No problem, you can add custom HTML, CSS, and javascript.

Website builder