Included with your domain name

Your personalized email address hosted in Switzerland

Get a professional email address accessible on all your devices

Professional messaging in Switzerland

1 GB of storage space
You get 1 GB of storage for your emails. Need more space? No problem, you can expand the storage at any time!
Available anywhere
Your email is securely accessible from any device with webmail that adapts to your device.
Compatible with your email client
You can access your mailbox with your favorite email software: Outlook, Mac/iOS Mail, Spark, Thunderbird, and many others!
Data protection and privacy

Data protection and privacy

The data in your mailbox is backed up every 24 hours in a data center located remotely from the one hosting your email address, thus ensuring that your data is protected, even in the event of a major incident.

Your mailbox can be restored upon request to support up to 30 days in the past.

Your data belongs to you and will never be used for advertising purposes, no algorithm analyzes the content of your emails.

Our servers are exclusively located in datacenters in Switzerland, in Geneva and Zurich. Your data is therefore protected by Swiss law, one of the strictest in terms of data protection and privacy.

Upgradeable service

Upgradeable service

Our email service is scalable and allows you to increase the storage space** dedicated to your emails by 1 GB increments at any time.

You can also start with an email address and add hosting later if you want to launch a website!

Add as many email aliases as you want to receive emails addressed to multiple recipients in a single inbox.

Need more mailboxes? No problem, you can increase the quota of available addresses by increments of 1 email address, so you only pay for what you actually use!

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Mail service FAQ

Any questions about our mail service?
Can I import an existing mailbox?

You already have a mailbox with another provider? No problem, we provide you with an automatic import tool that assists you in retrieving your existing mailbox.

Moreover, we can take care of this step for you free of charge upon request to our support!

Consult this help page to learn how to import your emails

How do I access my mailbox?

You have several options for accessing your mailbox. The quickest way to access it is to use webmail which can be accessed from any device.

How to access webmail

If you prefer, you can also add your email address to your favorite email program: Outlook, Thunderbird, Spark, Mac/iOS Mail, etc.

Configure my email address on my email client

How much storage space is available?

You get 1 GB of storage space for your mailbox.

You can increase the storage space at any time according to your needs. You only pay for what you actually use!

How do I create my free email address?

If you have already registered your domain name with us and want to create your personalized email address, check out this support article.

If you already have a web hosting associated to your domain name, follow these steps to create your email address.