WordPress hosting in Switzerland

Host your WordPress website in Switzerland and get access to a range of tools to make your life easier!

Why choose WordPress?

Why choose WordPress?

Did you know that more than 43% of all websites run on WordPress? That makes it the number one content management system (CMS), impressive!

Its simplicity and almost infinite customization possibilities make it the ideal candidate for any website: showcase site, e-commerce, portfolio, etc.

We offer you a turnkey solution for installing and managing your WordPress website, making your life easier!

WordPress Toolkit

Your partner to manage and secure your WordPress website.

1-click WordPress installation
Your WordPress site is up and running in seconds with the 1-click installation!
Secure WordPress
Your WordPress site is secure by default and is regularly scanned by WordPress Toolkit for security vulnerabilities.
Easy WordPress Updates
WordPress, themes, and plugins updates are simplified and can be applied in 1 click with WordPress Toolkit.
Protected WordPress website

Protected WordPress website

Our WordPress hosting package protects your website from the most common threats: code injection, brute-force, session hijacking, and other attacks.

The application firewall blocks brute-force attacks that try to identify your password by automatically testing hundreds of passwords to access your WordPress back office.

Our hosting packages are also protected against DDoS attacks to ensure your site is always up and running.

WordPress web hosting

Our all-in-one offer to create your WordPress website.
Annual payment
8.50 CHF /month
Monthly payment
10.00 CHF /month
Web hosting
Free domain name
Disk space
10 Go
Unlimited traffic
Daily backup
Off-site backup
Backup retention
20 calendar days
Free SSL certificate
FTP users
Alias domains
Email addresses
Emails import
PHP (choose your version)
7.4 - 8.0 - 8.1 - 8.2
PHP memory (memory_limit)
256 Mo
WordPress compatible
CMS installed in 1 click (WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal and Prestashop)
WordPress Toolkit
Free website builder
DDoS protection
Existing website import
Deploy via git
Administration tools
Plesk interface
Online file manager
Knowledge base
Configurable options
PHP memory (memory_limit)

512 Mo +20 CHF /year
756 Mo +30 CHF /year

Additional disk space
per 5 Go +10 CHF /year
Additional email addresses
per additional 5 addresses +10 CHF /year
Already have a WordPress website?

Already have a WordPress website?

Your WordPress website is hosted by another provider? No problem! We provide a migration tool that allows you to copy your WordPress website and all its data to our servers in a few clicks!

If needed, we will migrate your website for free Just open a ticket with our support and we will take care of everything.

Your WordPress website, personalised email addresses and domain name are waiting for you!
From 8.50 CHF/month Order now!

WordPress web hosting FAQ

Learn more about our WordPress hosting offer
What is the difference between WordPress hosting and another hosting?

Our WordPress offering has been specifically designed to best suit the use of WordPress. WordPress hosting offers the WordPress Toolkit suite of tools to manage all aspects of security and updates from a single, intuitive interface.

What is the WordPress Toolkit?

The WordPress Toolkit is a suite of tools that allows you to perform various operations to secure and simplify the management of your WordPress site:

  • 1-click installation
  • Clone your production site and create a test environment
  • Synchronize data between two instances of WordPress
  • Check security and automatically apply recommended actions
  • Manage and update plugins and themes
  • Create snapshots during the update process so that you can restore the site in the event of a problem
How much PHP memory do I need?

It depends on how you use WordPress. The more themes or plugins you install, the higher the PHP memory limit you will need.

You can start with the default limit and then increase it as needed at any time.

See this help article for more information on PHP memory limits and how WordPress works.

Can I install the themes and extensions of my choice?

Yes, unlike some WordPress hosting packages, you are not limited to a predefined set of themes and extensions. You control your site and can freely install any themes and plugins you need.

Do I have to use WordPress with this package?

No. This hosting package has been designed to provide tools that make it easy to manage a WordPress site daily. However, you do not have to use WordPress; you get all the benefits of our other packages plus the additional resources available on this one.